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Accurate, Decision-Ready Revenue and Customer Truth, All The Time

The only finance platform that delivers always accurate, continuously updated, and deeply segmented data, analytics, and insights you can act on with confidence.

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SaaSWorks gives our team continuous and complete visibility into our healthiest revenue segments, customer cohorts, and our most durable drivers of growth.

Usheer Naik | VP of Finance | Tealbook

When I heard the SaaSWorks value prop, it sounded too good to be true. It's the unique blend of data, software and expert analysis that made all the difference.

Pam Martinez | Chief Financial Officer | SevenRooms

Using SaaSWorks is like grabbing some future organizational maturity and dragging it into the present.

Michael Cavopol | VP of Customer Success | Fresh

With SaaSWorks' continuous data monitoring, we now have a tailored solution that enables consistent operational insights that drive revenue optimization.

Jeff Blackman | Chief Financial Officer | Autobooks

With SaaSWorks we have a tailored solution that equips us with reliable data, analytics, and insights to optimize revenue, drive strategy and streamline reporting.

Robert Dillon | Chief Financial Officer | Incorta

What Can An Expert-led, AI-powered
Finance Platform Help You Do?

0% Time Savings on Monitored Data Accuracy
0x Faster Segmented Analytics and Insights
0+hrs Saved Per Month With Reporting Automation
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It's AI-Powered Continuous Processing Connecting billing and invoicing, CRM, and data warehouse to produce automated and accurate revenue reporting.
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It's Your Top Analyst, On Duty 24/7 Reviewing revenue bridges, monitoring every segment, tracking each cohort, curating customer 360° & dashboards, and delivering insight digests & decks.
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It's Your Return To Strategic Decisioning Reduce the complexity and time investment of manually cleaning data and calculating metrics, which distracts from driving strategic decisions.
The Platform | AI-Powered Data Processing and Accuracy Monitoring

Drive Decisions With Accurate Data


Unifies, Cleanses and Segments Your Data Per Your Business Rules

Activate a process that unifies, enriches and reconciles data from your disparate systems (including CRM, billing, and data warehouses) creating one version of truth that reflects your business with audit-level quality.


Monitors Data Integrity and Alerts You To Inconsistencies

Initiate a continuous process for ongoing anomaly detection, data health checks and exception reporting to ensure historical data never atrophies and new data is always up to your highest standards.

The Platform | AI-Agents Delivering Analytics and Insights 24/7

Lead With Real-Time 360° Visibility

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Realize Time To Value In Weeks With Low Lift From Your Team

The most efficient and low-involvement implementation gets you up and running quickly with minimum impact on team operations. 

We get you live in 5 weeks with less than 15-30 hours of your team’s time. 

We manage onboarding & ongoing:

  • Finance Experts direct and manage
  • Data Analyst configure business rules
  • Data Engineers connect & model data
  • Data Agents add cohort & segment tags
  • Monitoring Agents help detect anomalies
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