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SaaSWorks enables data-driven decision making at scale by unifying, enriching and segmenting customer data across platforms to provide insights that are unique to your business and tailored by experts.

Ready to Retain, Upsell, and Engage your Best Customers?

Our one-size-fits-one revenue solution synthesizes customer data to identify insights and outreach opportunities. SaaSWorks' no-app approach means personalized, proactive recommendations are delivered wherever your team works — Salesforce, HubSpot, Email, Slack.

SaaSWorks Customer Recommendation

Prescriptive Insight Delivery

Proactive, scheduled and on-demand, we deliver actionable recommendations where and when your team need them most.

  • Fewer Logins: Insights and recommendations are delivered straight to your team's inbox. Meaning they spend less time on tedious research in various platforms and more time engaging with your customers and developing deeper relationships.
  • Less Complexity: We take the burden off of decision making by delivering fully loaded recommendations packed with data-driven insights, tailored outreach, and single-click approvals.
  • Better Outcomes: Your entire team will be taking action based on recommendations that align with company and customer objectives. That means reliable outcomes for your customer and better results for your business.
SaaSWorks Customer 360s

Proactive Playbook Design

An adaptive approach to operationalizing your goals, enabling complete coverage and repeatable customer outcomes.

  • Unlock Key Customer Insights: We package and deliver information that is unique, enriched and aggregated from disparate systems.
  • Repeatable and Effective: Align and empower your account management teams to make every customer touchpoint count by mining and monitoring data across your customer lifecycle.
  • Retain and Expand: With your revenue teams working faster and smarter than ever before, you'll be in a better position to decreasing churn, reduce payback period and build predictable revenue.
SaaSWorks Revenue Intelligence

Predictive Research Engine

Continuous account monitoring & pattern recognition to analyze the best opportunities by customer segments & cohorts.

  • Acquire Smarter: Decrease customer acquisition costs and increase win rates by focusing your marketing and sales efforts on your ideal customer profiles.
  • Retain More: Create predictable revenue and decrease customer churn by identifying strengths and weaknesses across product, pricing and customer success.
  • Expand Faster: Reduce payback period and improve lifetime value by increasing revenue from existing customers through upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

How it Works

1. Gather & Discover

Our back-end engineers gather data from your systems (CRM, Billing, Usage, Service, etc.) into a secure dedicated environment.

2. Cleanse & Transform

Your structured & unstructured data is classified and cleansed to improve integrity and identify key components.

3. Merge & Enrich

We unify your data and enrich to address missing elements and merge it into a mineable dataset to enable pattern identification.

4. Analyze & Deliver

Your customer data is analyzed and monitored by our team to design and refine playbooks     — for you and with you.

5. Research & Recommend

We utilize your playbooks to research, verify and recommend actions to help focus your account management efforts.