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Nudges empower your Customer Success, Sales, and Service teams to take meaningful action in minutes, not hours — all with a simple click.

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Unlock Key Inisghts

Insights are packaged and delivered in a way that makes it easier than ever to understand the most relevant customer information.

Accelerate Call Prep

Your customer teams can spend less time on research and more time engaging with your customers to produce better outcomes.

Drive Adoption & Retention

With your team working faster and smarter than ever before, you’ll be in a position to proactively grow customer lifetime value.

SaaSWorks is your expert research assistant, surfacing ridiculously actionable opportunitites, from your customer data.


Nudges are Data-Powered

All of the information you need to know about your customers at your fingertips

SaaSWorks integrates with your key source systems to inform Nudges with customer vitals, revenue health, and engagement history.

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Nudges are Expert-Researched

Take action on opportunities quickly and easily with customer outreach that is fully researched and vetted by experts

All our nudges include the outreach goals, highlight key triggers, and include personalized copy to quickly address each customer’s unique scenario and drive ideal actions.

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How it Works

1. Unify and Enrich Data

Source system data is gathered in a secure environment and enriched to address missing elements. It's then unified to automate customer monitoring.



2. Monitor Customers

Customer engagement is assessed by measuring lifetime value growth and evaluating product adoption.


3. Deliver Nudges

Nudges are aligned with your goals and qualified by our expert research. Each is personalized so you can easily take action.

Optimize Lifetime Value

Customer outreach is quantified to learn what works, for which customer. We then improve outcome efficiency & efficacy in coordination with you.

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