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We are a tech-enabled team of data experts, operations analysts, revenue strategists and your solution for achieving scale.


Vipul Shah | Co-Founder & CEO

Vipul Shah was the co-founder of Pyramid Digital Solutions, which successfully scaled and was later sold to SunGard Data Systems, a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ. Subsequently, Shah spent over 10 years investing in high-growth companies while working for investment firms, including Goldman Sachs Private Equity.

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Jim O'Neil | Co-Founder & CTO

Jim O’Neill was a founding team member of HubSpot and helped the company grow from 5 employees to over 1,500 and from 10 customers to over 25,000. He was named CIO of the Year by the Boston Business Journal in 2015 and sits on the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Dean’s Council of Strategic Advisors.

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Mike Redbord | Sr. VP, Operations

Mike Redbord ran HubSpot’s global customer support and success department and scaled it internationally across multiple regions. As the company went public, he joined the HubSpot executive team as the Vice President of Customer Success to oversee the end-to-end customer experience including customer support, operations, education, onboarding, implementation, upgrades and renewals.

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Luke Owen | Principal Customer Success Specialist

Luke has spent the past 10 years working at HubSpot, Bedrock Data and Formstack where he gained intimate knowledge of the SaaS marketplace and the customers that use these solutions to help solve their business needs. His primary focus has been within the Customer Success umbrella, specifically direct account management and working 1-to-1 with a customer base.

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