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Perfecting Net Revenue Retention

Upsell, Retain, and Engage like never before. All it takes is a simple Nudge.

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Every business wants to be customer-centric which means being


But, we know that's too often not the reality...

We've received that call to renew early when we've already stopped paying
We've been pressured to buy more while we've had urgent tickets pending
We've lost interest in a valuable product when we've faced a complex onboarding

So, why does this keep happening?

Customer journeys are scattered across company data, departments and system logins.

Account teams are overloaded and too busy across numerous customers.

User habits are nuanced and require ongoing personalized communications.

Customers like businesses that are...

Informed about them through continuous customer monitoring
Authentic in how they engage through personal outreach
Predictive of all their needs through data-driven research

And we know this approach delivers

✔️ Healthy and happy customer relationships

✔️ Scalable and durable revenue growth

✔️ Efficient and effective account teams

Nudges by SaaSWorks

We power proactive outreach for account teams to improve net revenue retention.

Informed Context
Fully researched account history, without all the logins

Authentic Communication
Effortless, personal outreach that actually works

Predictive Playbooks
Data-driven playbooks that trigger with customers behaviors

Ready to get your first Nudge?

Talk to our team to see for yourself how Nudges can help you with perfecting net revenue retention.

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