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Platform Overview

Restore Focus On Financial Strategy

Your single source of truth for revenue and customers, continuously delivers AI-powered insights to drive smarter decisions, faster.

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Stop Chasing Scattered Data

Consolidate revenue and customer data from across all of your key source systems, delivering a finance approved, single source of continuous truth.


Continuous Finance Platform


Unlock Superior Revenue Quality

0% Time Savings on Monitored Data Accuracy
0x Faster Segmented Analytics and Insights
0+hrs Saved Per Month With Reporting Automation

Streamline Processes

Streamlined Inputs

Consolidate All Sources of Revenue Data

No more complex system of revenue products, data compilers, and siloed reporting. Stop spending too much time manually managing data and analytics.

Accessible Data Output

Automate Revenue Bridge Generation

Spend more time on analysis. Pivot and Projection ready, consumable by Finance, Analytics, RevOps, Accounting, and Data Rooms. Reports can be downloaded directly in multiple formats, or pushed to a data warehouse via API.

Persistent Monitoring

Ensure Data Accuracy, Automate Anomaly Detection

Initiate a continuous process for ongoing anomaly detection, data health checks and exception reporting to ensure historical data never atrophies and new data is always up to your highest standards.

Strategic Positioning

Align Metrics Across Company Stakeholders

A single source of truth to ensure the right stakeholders have access to the data they need for confident, strategic decision making.

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Adapts to your business logic and best practices

Powered By AI-Enabled Adaptive Rules Engine      

Our rules engine layers on your existing system, perfectly adapting to your unique business processes. Avoid a costly and time-consuming data cleanse, our platform requires minimal disruption and maximizes efficiency.

Revenue Bridge (2)
Automated Daily Outputs

Get Started with Revenue Bridge

Revenue Bridge is the first step in connecting your data with our AI-enabled agents. Working with your existing systems, revenue bridge consolidates your disparate data systems to deliver an up-to-date, accurate view into your revenue.


  • Refreshes Data, Reviews Accuracy, Delivers Outputs

  • Automates cohort and segment tagging leveraging metadata (e.g. Rep, Region, Product) via intelligent business logic  (e.g. Customer Size, Product Count).

  • Pivot and Projection ready, consumable by Finance, Analytics, RevOps, Accounting, and Data Rooms. 

Get Started With Revenue Bridge

Additional AI-Agents

RevWorks gives our team continuous and complete visibility into our healthiest revenue segments, customer cohorts, and our most durable drivers of growth.

Usheer Naik | VP of Finance | Tealbook

When I heard the RevWorks value prop, it sounded too good to be true. It's the unique blend of data, software and expert analysis that made all the difference.

Pam Martinez | Chief Financial Officer | SevenRooms

Using RevWorks is like grabbing some future organizational maturity and dragging it into the present.

Michael Cavopol | VP of Customer Success | Fresh

With RevWorks’ continuous data monitoring, we now have a tailored solution that enables consistent operational insights that drive revenue optimization.

Jeff Blackman | Chief Financial Officer | Autobooks

With RevWorks we have a tailored solution that equips us with reliable data, analytics, and insights to optimize revenue, drive strategy and streamline reporting.

Robert Dillon | Chief Financial Officer | Incorta

What Is Your Biggest Challenge
In Leveraging Your Revenue Data?

We can help!

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Consolidating Data From Multiple Systems
Ensuring Data Integrity and Reconciling Differences
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Building & Maintaining Accurate Revenue Bridge
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Producing Timely and Insightful Reporting