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About SaaSWorks

Delivering a single source of customer, revenue and usage data truth to CFOs and Finance Teams.

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Our Mission

SaaSWorks is driving revenue performance for every recurring revenue business. We are on a mission to democratize the data-driven insights and expertise required to build and manage these high-growth, high-value businesses.

To date, these capabilities have been exclusive to the unicorns and deca-corns of the subscription industry. Not only is this unsustainable, but it only serves to impede progress and innovation by limiting opportunities for many companies with brilliant, market-changing products.

Our Story

Some of the most essential functions to running recurring revenue businesses — accessing information, analyzing performance, and making decisions — are expensive and challenging. Most high-growth subscription companies have developed in-house tools and hired large engineering & ops teams (BizOps, RevOps, SalesOps, etc.) to overcome these challenges. However, most businesses don’t have access to the requisite level of expertise or technology. 

We know this because we’ve done this. Our team of outside-the-box thinkers, founders, operators, investors, and data nerds has helped launch and scale high-growth businesses like HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) and invested in businesses like this at legendary investment platforms like Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS).

Our Customers

At SaaSWorks, we are leveraging our team’s passion, knowledge, and experience of product & operations skills to provide actionable information and insights to empower every subscription business – not just the unicorns – to scale in a customer-centric and durable way. We are well-funded by long-term, visionary investors and operators who believe in the value created by combining data, technology, and human expertise.

With our clients, we are shaping the future of scaling recurring revenue businesses. And the results are real - check out our case studies for more details.


With SaaSWorks, Tealbook has continuous and complete visibility into our healthiest customer segments and insights into our most durable sources of revenue. This enables our executive team and board of directors to focus less on the metrics themselves and more on the strategy and the story behind them.

Usheer Naik | Vice President, Finance | Tealbook


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