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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower agile finance teams to thrive by providing real-time access to accurate and deeply segmented financial data. This equips them to deliver trusted insights to the board, executives, and operating teams, enabling sustainable growth through informed decision-making and strategic guidance.

SaaSWorks_Shah_ONeill_PhotoOur Story

Across their diverse careers as operators, engineers, and private equity investors, our founders have witnessed firsthand the significant data and insights advantage that highly funded businesses and investment firms possess over lean operating teams.

By 2018, Vipul had spent a decade leveraging investment-grade data to support private equity transactions at investment platforms like Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), experiencing how financial transparency could empower informed decision-making. Jim, instrumental in building HubSpot's (NYSE: HUBS) IPO-ready financial data infrastructure, acutely understood the challenges finance teams at fast-growing companies faced in building such solutions in-house.

Driven by this foundation, Shah and O'Neill embarked on a mission to bridge the data divide. They conducted interviews with over 200 CFOs, identifying unique challenges faced by finance teams lacking access to dedicated data science resources. This insight led to the creation of SaaSWorks, a platform designed to democratize data-driven financial intelligence for companies at all growth stages.

Today, SaaSWorks employs cutting-edge AI and automation to aggregate, transform, and deeply segment raw data from various siloed sources. This equips finance teams with a continuous stream of reliable, actionable insights, allowing them to concentrate on strategic decisions that drive sustainable growth. With a team of seasoned operators, investors, and data experts, SaaSWorks is empowering finance teams to become indispensable strategic partners across their organizations.

Our Customers

At SaaSWorks, we are leveraging our team’s passion, knowledge, and experience of product & operations skills to provide actionable information and insights to empower every recurring and re-occuring revenue business – not just the unicorns – to scale in a customer-centric and durable way. We are well-funded by long-term, visionary investors and operators who believe in the value created by combining data, technology, and human expertise.

With our clients, we are shaping the future of scaling businesses. And the results are real - check out our case studies for more details.


With SaaSWorks, Tealbook has continuous and complete visibility into our healthiest customer segments and insights into our most durable sources of revenue. This enables our executive team and board of directors to focus less on the metrics themselves and more on the strategy and the story behind them.

Usheer Naik | Vice President, Finance | Tealbook


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