Customer Success Productivity Improves by 80%

Perkville operates a customer loyalty program platform that helps businesses create custom rewards programs in order to drive referrals, improve retention and increase spend per customer. They primarily serve location-based businesses like gyms, salons, yoga studios and retail stores.

Perkville's Challenge

Perkville’s platform has a low monthly price, and the market they serve, location-based businesses, can be volatile. Because of that, reducing churn was a high priority. Each member of Perkville’s customer success team was responsible for a large number of customers and was primarily only operating in a reactive capacity. They were looking for insights into where they should be focusing their customer acquisition and retention efforts and what segments weren’t as successful as assumed. Additionally, they wanted to conduct more proactive outreach and standardize their communication playbooks.

“It’s hard to track hundreds of customers, exactly what they’re doing, who’s seeing success, who’s not seeing success, and that’s really where SaaSWorks came in.”

Sunil Saha, CEO | Perkville

0% Increase in Customer Success Productivity
0% Impact on MRR
0% Churned Customer Winback Rate

SaaSWorks’ Process

Because of SaaSWorks’ custom-tailored approach to providing customer data insights and the low friction to beginning an engagement with SaaSWorks, Perkville’s leadership decided to try out SaaSWorks’ Revenue Intelligence Reports and Concierge Recommendations.

1. Understand Perkville’s needs and challenges

SaaSWorks is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s customized to accommodate the processes and platforms used by every client. So, the first step of implementing their solution for Perkville was to learn how Perkville operates in order to build a system around that.

2. Kickoff by ingesting data

The next step of implementing SaaSWorks’ solution was gaining access to all relevant platforms from Perkville, such as their CRM, MAP and payment platform. Then, SaaSWork set up the infrastructure for Perkville’s secure single-tenant environment which the SaaSWorks team would use to collect and process Perkville’s customer data.

3. Clean, enrich and transform data

Once all the data was gathered into SaaSWorks’ platform, it was cleaned, organized and enriched by SaaSWorks’ expert data engineers and business analysts. Then the data was mined and analyzed to produce insights, including segmentation analyses, sub-industry evaluations and cohort analyses. 

That data processing and analysis was then repeated automatically on a monthly basis.

4. Use data insights to create revenue intelligence reports and proactive outreach recommendations

SaaSWorks’ team and platform associated all of Perkville’s product usage data with the different customer segments that made up their database and calculated churn rates by segment. These Revenue Intelligence reports also included in-depth analysis that helped Perkville identify an unsuccessful market segment that they were acquiring large numbers of customers from but failing to retain for very long. 

On top of the Revenue Intelligence Reports, the SaaSWorks team also sent Concierge Recommendations about who Perkville’s CSMs should reach out to and what they should say. To develop the recommendations, the SaaSWorks team analyzed granular customer data and support requests as if they were CSMs working at Perkville. This process resulted in hyper-personalized outreach based on the needs and actions of unique customers.

As Perkville's CSM team started receiving the Concierge Recommendations, their workflow began to evolve. At first, the recommendations were unfamiliar and the team would double check the insights before reaching out to the customer. As they started to see the recommendations result in positive customer interactions and reduce the time they needed to spend on proactive outreach, the Perkville CSMs learned to trust the recommendations and accepted them at a 90% rate.

Adapting to COVID-19

In addition to driving success for Perkville’s CSMs when location-based businesses were operating normally, SaaSWorks also helped Perkville pivot their strategy and adapt to the impact of COVID-19. SaaSWorks developed additional reports to monitor how different segments of Perkville’s customer base were being impacted by COVID-19 and then sent recommendations for how Perkville’s CSMs could support different customers accordingly.

In response to the pandemic, Perkville developed a “Stay Safe” program to help the gyms and fitness studios they served engage with their customers at home. 

SaaSWorks monitored which segments of Perkville’s customer base were having the most week-over-week product-usage decline and identified which previously healthy customers were seeing a massive impact from COVID-19 but not leveraging the “Stay Safe” program. They then crafted communications for Perkville’s CSMs to send to individual customers about how their business could adapt to the situation.

Additionally, SaaSWorks crafted an outreach campaign targeted at customers who were effectively leveraging the Stay Safe program to gain product feedback that could be leveraged to help increase use from other businesses.

Once states began reopening, SaaSWorks built a database of state reopening policies and tracked customer usage of Perkville’s normal features and Stay Safe features by location. SaaSWorks then developed playbooks that reached out to customers in reopening states whose product usage increased so Perkville could win back those customers and support their return to normal operations.

The Results

“It’s hard to track hundreds of customers, exactly what they’re doing, who’s seeing success, who’s not seeing success, and that’s really where SaaSWorks came in,” says Perkville Founder and CEO Sunil Saha. “We looked at a number of tools, and they were all difficult to implement, and we would have had to do more work to get value out of them. SaaSWorks, we found, had a different approach: very lightweight, light-touch; they did the heavy lifting and just increased the efficiency of our team.”

Revenue Intelligence helped Perkville adjust their target customers and ensure they were devoting their resources to the most important segments. On top of guiding their company-wide customer acquisition and retention strategy, SaaSWorks was also able to improve the operational efficiency of Perkville’s CSM team.

“SaaSWorks has done a great job at analyzing our data across all of our systems and using that data to send qualified, actionable recommendations that have led to positive customer outcomes.”

Ria Cruz, Director of Customer Success | Perkville

Ria continues, “Because each recommendation is highly vetted by SaaSWorks and includes the data to confirm the recommendation and an easy way to act on it, SaaSWorks has definitely helped us reduce the amount of time that we spend on our proactive outreach. Where proactive outreach used to take upward of 30 minutes, now it takes less than five minutes.”

SaaSWorks’ proactive recommendations affected 30% of Perkville’s customers and 40% of their MRR in under 6 months. Additionally, the COVID-19 campaign had a 66% winback rate.

These results combined with the increased efficiency enabled Perkville to allocate resources toward R&D that would have previously been needed to hire more CSMs.

You can hear more about Perkville’s experience working with SaaSWorks in the video at the top of the page.