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Revenue nudges for every account opportunity

AccountWorks empowers your Customer Success, Sales and Service teams with data-driven engagement and research to take action in minutes on every revenue opportunity.

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“It's hard to track hundreds of customers, exactly what they're doing, who's seeing success, who's not seeing success, and that's where SaaSWorks really came in.”

Sunil Saha | CEO | Perkville

Scalable Account Engagement

Data-driven Account Action

Unify Customer Data We gather, unify and enrich your customer data from CRM, billing systems, ticketing, and other data sources to define a source of customer truth in your SaaSWorks data pipeline.
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Monitor Data Continually We monitor your data for behavioral patterns and signals to identify opportunities to improve relationships and revenue outcomes with more of your customers.
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Get Revenue Nudges We qualify the best opportunities through expert research and deliver them directly to your customer-facing teams to operationalize data-driven engagement at scale.
Use Cases

Put Data to Work For Your Team

We continuously monitor your customers and nudge your team to take the appropriate action at the right time.

This eye-in-the-sky approach enables your team to stay focused on the task at hand while producing better outcomes for your customers.

Every nudge is powered by your unified data, verified by our expert researchers, and directed by your strategic platbooks.



All of the information you need at your fingertips

Empower your team with the data they need to know about their accounts. SaaSWorks integrates with your key source systems to bring customer vitals, revenue health, and engagement history into one place.

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Take action on opportunities quickly

Guide your team with the goals of outreach, highlight key triggers, and prescribed copy to quickly address each customer’s unique needs and drive ideal actions. Best of all, our experts research and vet every opportunity for you.

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Talk to our team to see for yourself how AccountWorks revenue nudges can empower your teams.

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