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Revenue personas to tune your go-to-market

LeadWorks powers sales and marketing leaders with data-driven insight about ideal company and lead profiles, conversion rates, and new frontiers for growth

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Quantified Funnel Analytics

Understand Your Funnel

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Explore Untapped Data We explore your marketing systems and strategies to understand ICP, persona, and conversion points, plus the data -- utilized and latent -- that underpins it all.
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Build Funnel Analysis We examine your conversion data by company, lead, funnel stage, and more in order to gain a complete understanding of the drivers of your conversion and revenue.
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Deliver GTM Insight We deliver key findings plus underpinning data elements to help you dial in your next phase of growth in a data-driven, quantified manner that leverages all the data in your marketing stack.
Rich Analysis

Data-Driven Revenue Personas

Leveraging all of the data from your marketing stack, LeadWorks provides a detailed understanding of what prospects you’re currently winning with, plus opportunities for your next frontier of growth.

Blending persona, company, and funnel information forms a complete view of your go-to-market performance from lead to opportunity and customer. Often, this information is housed in marketing systems, but it takes a service like LeadWorks to extract, explore, and surface key insights about how to grow.

LeadWorks acts as your partner in the growth journey to understand your ideal customer, quantify the effectiveness of various personas, and deliver the deep segmentation every marketer needs to unlock new growth.


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