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March 18, 2024

In Their Own Words: All Others Bring Data

Ever heard of 'In God we trust, all others bring data' by W. Edwards Deming?

Having the privilege to closely collaborate with CFOs, I'm struck by how Deming's wisdom rings more true than ever for today's CFOs. Today's financial leaders dive into a sea of information, but it's the reliability that keeps them afloat.

quote: especially being a new guy in the seat, I look at everything that happened before me not as suspect, but as "trust but validate"New CFOs? Like the CFO in this quote, imagine inheriting a treasure trove of crucial data, but no roadmap. Instilling trust in the numbers isn't just about bringing data to the table – it's about anchoring decisions in validated information. Data's not just about numbers, it's about trust.

Around 70% of CFOs wrestle with data governance during financial reporting – it's no walk in the park to unravel the story behind the numbers and weave together a narrative you can bank on. Deming's wisdom comes alive as we blend trust and truth.

Cheers to the CFOs who challenge, connect, and steer with data they can believe in.

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Vipul Shah

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