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March 18, 2024

In Their Own Words: Noise In The Data

This is a push-pull we hear about from CFOs a lot. Sales and Finance coming at the data from quite different starting points yet the business still needing to arrive (quickly) at some common understanding of revenue data and what it means.

Creates something of a pay me now or pay me later dilemma for Finance on the data.

quote: there's a lot of pressure to sell versus to be disciplined about what you put into a system. And there's just so much noise in the data.I.e. spend more time and energy with other functions on hygiene/governance in the systems they use now, or have more noise in the data to clean up with Finance wrench-turning in Excel later.

Of course, that’s not a strictly binary, either-or question. But from our chats with CFOs, the latter dilemma option…deal with the noise on the back end… prevails more often than they’d like in the fray of operating the business.

That really has definitely informed how we’re seeing our charter, setting our team to the challenge of having our solution do the inverse. Help clean up the data noise now. And do so in a way that translates to durable hygiene, and governance (ideally insight) later.

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Vipul Shah

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