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March 18, 2024

In Their Own Words: Optimize FP&A Assets

This quote sums up what we often hear when we ask CFO’s “what would be better if data clean up wasn’t so manual, gory with a still uncertain result?”

Essentially… higher, better use for our limited FP&A resources.

Quote: I can have the FP&A team actually focused on business partnering and being responsive to driving outcomes rather than trying to accumulate data and sanitize cleanse.Like getting out into the business and doing all the relationship work with other functions on what the data is saying in order to get better answers and outcomes.

As another CFO noted, “when all is said and done, you visited every department and you dipped into 5, 6, 7 different data sets to tie the story together as an FP&A person.”

It’s also why, when people sometimes ask us if we’re trying to outsource FP&A, we answer that it’s pretty much the opposite. We see a big part of our platform’s job to be making it possible for FP&A folks to insource more of their highest value work - planning and analyzing.

But FP&A folks, you tell us, does less time on data collection and cleansing feel like giving up something you’d miss?


Vipul Shah

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